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    Ce principe vient à la base de Tumblr, même si je l'ai personnellement découvert sur le blog d'Aypa. Le concept est simple : on reprend des citations de séries, films, animes, etc., et on les colle à des personnages d'un autre fandom, ou encore à des OCs. J'aime bien cette idée, donc je risque d'en faire pas mal avec mes fandoms, OCs et autres :')

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  • Des choses que mes dolls (et projets) ont probablement dit... Ou pas.

    .   .   .

    Harley : I sent you to the grocery store and you came back two hours later empty handed.

    Hazel : Actually, I did buy cookies, I just already ate them all.

    (en fait ça m'a tellement rappelé un SUPER VIEUX rp avec Horei et Yokkas où nos dolls voulaient acheter des cupcakes et jesaisplusqui avait tout bouffé en rentrant... Putain les souvenirs cons mais marrants x'D)


    Daenerys : Just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean I shouldn’t look my best !


    Harley : What’s more painful than heartbreak ?!

    Emilia : Earbuds with only one side working.


    Lily : Did I save the game?

    Matt : Yes. You saved it twice.

    Lily : I'm just gonna save it again just to be sure.


    Asumi : There are seven chairs and ten kids. What do you do?

    Aërin : Have everyone stand.

    Kaede : Bring three more chairs.

    Daenerys : The most important ones can sit down.

    Ketsueki : Kill three.


    Scarlett : I don’t think you should drink any more coffee.

    Bella : Coffee cures depression.

    Scarlett : I don’t think it works that way…

    Bella : More espresso, less depresso.


    Reika : I spy with my little eye, something that begins with the letter ’S’

    Hazel : *looks over at Asumi and Harley*

    Hazel : Is it "sexual tension" ?


    Hazel : I just had the weirdest thought

    Asumi : Okay, go on...

    Hazel : If you are a security guard at Samsung, does that make you guardian of the galaxies?

    Scarlett : Oh my God...

    Everyone but Hazel : *contemplate life in a corner*


    Shinku : I mean, small animals are way more vicious. It’s because their anger has less space to be bottled up in.

    Harley : That’s ridiculous. Give me one example of this.

    Scarlett : Spiders.

    Reika : Wasps.

    Lily : Terriers.

    Kaede : Ketsueki.


    Ridley : This is so frustrating ! I hate everything ! I hate everyone !

    Raito : *voice cracks* Everyone ?

    Ridley : *sighs* Everyone, but you.


    Scarlett : Guys, we need a plan.

    Rae : Punch everyone.

    Scarlett : One that goes further than punching everyone.


    Rae : There’s three ways to do things: the right way, the wrong way, and the Rae way.

    Shinku : Isn’t that also the wrong way?

    Rae : Yeah, but it’s faster.


    Scarlett : You know I’m a Sagittarius. 

    Aërin : Really ? I’m a Libra, there’s a lot of compatibility there.

    Scarlett : Aërin, be gay on your own time.


    Scarlett : Yo, is that girl sleeping or dead ?

    Matt : Hopefully dead. I hated that girl.

    Scarlett : Yeah, so did I.

    Hazel : *waking up* First of all, fuck you guys.


    Kaede : Ridley, you have to stop killing literally everyone.

    Ridley : So I see where you’re coming from and I respect that but-

    .   .   . 

    Prions pour que la prochaine fois je trouve un truc que Ivy pourrait dire.

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  • Celle-ci est une petite spéciale Simpsons, parce que cette série a certaines des meilleures citations qui existent :')

    .   .   .

    L : Beyond Birthday, my arch nemesis.

    Light : I thought I was your arch nemesis?

    L : I have a life outside of you, Light.


    Mello : Guys, there's three ways to do things: the right way, the wrong way, and the Mello way.

    Near : Isn't that the wrong way?

    Mello : Yeah, but faster.


    Near : You’ve gone mad with power.

    Light : Of course I have, you ever tried going mad without power ? It’s boring, no one listens to you.


    Watari : You’re selling out these children’s futures!

    Roger : We both know these children have no future.

    [Mello, Matt and Beyond gasp]

    Roger : Prove me wrong, kids. Prove me wrong!


    Near : No! We’re gonna die !

    Lidner : There’s only one man who can save us.

    Mello : Oh, I get it. When I’m exploding and killing you, you don’t like me. But when I can save your life, suddenly I’m Mr. Popular !

    Rester, Lidner and Gevanni : Yeah.

    Near : That’s pretty much it.

    Mello : Whoo-hoo! I’m Mr. Popular !


    Mello : I thought you were dead!

    Matt : I thought YOU were dead!

    Near : Oh, come on, isn’t there anyone in this cemetery who's actually dead?

    L [emerging from the shadows] : Well, I didn’t want to make a fuss, but now that you mention it…


    L : MELLO, NO !

    Mello : *calmly eating chocolate without hurting anybody* What ?

    L : Sorry, a force of habit. NEAR, NO !


    Light : Couldn't you just say you're sorry and not mean it? I do it all the time. I don't think I've ever meant it.

    Misa : Light, that's not right.

    Light : Sorry Misa. See? It's that easy.


    Ryûk [finding a twenty dollar bill] : Aw, twenty dollars ! I wanted an apple.

    Light : Twenty dollars can buy many apples.

    Ryûk : Explain how !

    Light : Money can be exchanged for goods and services.

    Ryûk : Woohoo !


    Near : This is the worst thing you've ever done!

    Mello : You know, you say that so much it's lost all it's meaning.

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    Je sais, y'a beaucoup trop Mello et Matt mais j'y peux rien si c'est mes persos préférés et que c'est un des rares couples yaoi que j'apprécie sincèrement dans Death Note. Et puis y'a beaucoup de citations qui viennent de Daria parce que cette série c'est le bien.

    .   .   .

    Mello : Ok so I have this idea but one of us might get seriously injured.

    Matt : That’s fucking stupid.

    Matt : Let’s do it.


    *talking about Near*

    Mello : Can I shoot him ?

    Matt : Not in public.


    Watari/Roger/anybody in Wammy's House : For the next 72 hours we’re going to live off whatever nature sends our way. See that stream? That’s our drinking water. See those berries? That’s our breakfast.

    Matt : See that skeleton? That’s our future.


    Mello : I don't like kids.

    Mello : I didn't even like kids when I was a kid.


    L : [Haven't eat sugar for 24 hours] I want you to avenge me, Near.

    Near : L, you’re not dying.

    L : AVENGE ME !


    Matt : Misery loves company.

    Mello : You don’t have to tell me that. It’s the basis of our whole friendship.


    Matt : Trouble ? You’re only in trouble if you get caught !

    *gets caught by police*

    Matt : I've got troubles.


    Near : I never considered you a rival.

    Mello : I never considered you at all.

    Near : Now that’s just hurtful.


    Near : Matt ! Is Mello in there?

    Matt : Oh, actually...

    Mello : *runs to and crashes out of window*

    Matt : ...He just left


    Matt, teaching Mello how to drive : Nice going Mello, you ran over Near !

    Light : I get to run over him next


    *After killing almost all SPK members*

    Mello : I can't force you to like me, Near. Some people just don't get along with each other. I understand if you feel that way about me.

    Mello : And if we can't be friends... That okay. Because... If we're not friends...


    *spear of justice intensifies*


    BONUS :

    Me : I’m a girl with very high standards !

    Mello : *exists*

    Me : Oh no ! You’re meeting all my standards !

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